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Revolutionizing transportation with eco-friendly electric vehicles. Join us in the journey towards a sustainable future. Drive electric, drive clean!

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About EVer Fuels

Reliable Solutions For All EV Charging Programs!

Explore reliable solutions for your electric vehicle charging requirements. From home charging station to public infrastructure, we have got you covered. Experience fast, efficient and environmentally conscious charging choices to energize your electric vehicle adventures.

How We Work

Professional EV Charging Solution For You

Fast Charging

Get charged up in minutes with lightning-fast EV charging solutions. Power on!

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Effective management is key to success, productivity, teamwork, and growth.

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Renewable Energy

Harness the future with clean, sustainable power from renewable energy sources today.

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Choose quality chargers for reliability and efficiency, ensuring your devices stay powered.


Our Mission Is To Reinvent the EV Charging Experience across India.

At ChargET, we are driven by a bold mission — to reinvent and revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience throughout India. Our goal is to make EV charging seamless, convenient, and accessible to all, driving the nation towards a cleaner, sustainable future. We envision an India where EV charging is a superior and effortless experience, accelerating the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and promoting a greener tomorrow."

Our Partners

What Do We Offer?

We at ChargET provide a diverse range of services, starting from supplying and installing charging stations to regular maintenance, post warranty. These stations can then be operated either on an ownership basis or revenue sharing model by partnering with ChargET. This approach enables our clients to either run the stations independently based on their land and investment or by entrusting the moperations to ChargET. 

Advantages of setting up electric stations:


Developers and builders can use it as marketing and promotions.


Service providers like, malls and standalone restaurants/ hotels can use it to attract customers by providing eco friendly fast charging stations.

By partnering with ChargET, you can yield multiple benefits in the form of AMC, Cutting-edge technology and being listed on ChargET maps for easy identification and recognition by users. We have associated with Siemens Limited as a channel partner for eastern region. Siemens Limited is among the leading manufactures in India for EV chargers and other electrical equipments as part of Make in India. Our principle supplier is an indigenous product manufacturer with a host of other services in the field of battery and chargers.

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ChargET stands at the forefront as the premier charge point operator in India, offering a comprehensive range of services catering to both residential and commercial EV charging needs. Our charging stations seamlessly integrate with cloud-based CMS and a user-friendly mobile app, ensuring a fully automated and unmanned charging experience.

Client Reviews

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Dive into our clients' captivating electronic invention stories. Explore their journeys, challenges, and breakthroughs that have shaped the tech landscape. Discover innovation and inspiration from real-life inventors who dared to dream big.

Ever Fuels has transformed my EV charging experience. Their solutions are top-notch, and I can't imagine driving electric without them.

Miley Houdson CEO, Houston

Reliability is crucial when it comes to EV charging. Ever Fuels delivers on that promise, making my daily commute hassle-free.

Nelsoin Helm Director

Impressive customer service! Ever Fuels helped me choose the perfect charging solution and provided exceptional support throughout.

Sadaar Jekson Manager, Kelly Land
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